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Please Note that UK Postage of £4 is added to all orders under £30.

Please note that overseas shipping is no longer possible due to excessive postal charges.

Overseas postage cost is a minimum of £16 per order. You may be surcharged on receipt.

All our Seaweed products are picked wild in North-West Donegal

Finest Quality Sea Vegetables

Produced, packed and picked in the republic of Ireland by Quality SeaVeg, Cloughglass, BurtonPort, Co Donegal.

Following BREXIT our Seaveg is now taxed as a food supplement, and import charges and VAT are paid on all imports from Ireland.
This means prices have gone up as a result. We are not VAT registered, so VAT is not charged in the UK on our products.
I apologise for this as we did not vote for BREXIT or the present UK government.

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